Czech styled microbrewery in Dong Hoi

Czech styled beer

There are today 46 known microbreweries in Vietnam. Number 46 is Golden Lion, a Czech styled brewery in Quang Binh province in central Vietnam. The brewery is easy to find in the provincial capital and situated at Nguyen Huu Canh street in Dong Hoi city. They serve two Czech styled beers on tap, one blond and one black. The province is known for beautiful beaches and now also for its local microbrewery!

Microbrewery nr 46 in Vietnam! 

Beer cnetral Vietnam

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Beer tasting at Louisiane Brewhouse in Nha Trang

Story and pictures by guest writer Mark Chambers who lives in Central Highlands of Vietnam. He reports from Da Lat, Nha Trang and Mui Ne.


Beer tasting at Luisiane Brewhouse, Nha Trang                                                              I just had a weekend trip down to Nha Trang (from Dalat) and my top priority was to check out the microbreweries there. I was very excited to see the large menu of beers in Louisiane.  It has an excellent location right on the beach in the middle of tourist town which is handy but means its expensive.  Hence I only tried the beer and not the food. Beers on offer were the Pilsner, Dark Lager, Witbier and Special (Summer Ale), all costing 40,000 for a 330ml glass.

Nha Trang

They had various sizes all the way up to 5 litre ‘kegs’ complete with tap.  It seemed that the dark lager is favoured by the fairer sex – I only saw women drinking it.  The crowd was mostly Vietnamese families making an evening of it so we sat at the bar and had a tasting tray.  They had a nice looking pool in the middle of the restaurant but it remained undisturbed the two times we visited.    I asked about the brewery tours they mention on the menu but they weren’t running as Sean the brewer was back in his native Australia.  They did offer to show me around the next morning but we had plans to sit on a deck chair all day.

Heres my very basic tasting notes:

Pils –  Hoppy.  Dry. Flavour overload after a month of 333.  Loved it

Wit – Not cloudy at all.  Citrusy. Flowerery and fresh tasting.  Good in the heat.  Not sure I want a pint of it but Wheat is not my normal drink.

Special (Summer) – More hoppy than expected.  A little sweetness on after-taste.  Not as fruity or spicy as expecting but maybe I’m tainted by drinking a very spicy/fruity Summer Ale back in New Zealand.  Not my favourite,  but my girlfriend had 2 glasses of it.

Dark – Roast, Malty,  Coffee.  Might be my favourite if I wasn’t sweating so much.

All in all I loved the place and had another glass of the Pils the next day.

nha trangLouisiana brewhouse Nha Trang




Afterward I wanted to go to the Beerfest brewery but its made in the Maritime hotel which is a few kilometers south and I didn’t feel up to driving but had heard it was available at the E-Land Four Seasons restaurant, on the seafront road, just north of the Lotus monument.  We headed there and it was now about 8 pm and there was a dreadful cabaret going on. The focus was definitely on entertainment rather than beer.

Tasting the beers from Beerfest brewery

The beer list was simply stated as: Lager/Red/Green/Black/Yellow as you can see below. I had a Red which I assume was a red ale.  It could have been nice but I was so overwhelmed by the loud music I couldn’t focus.  My girlfriend had a Yellow which was a wheat beer and not bad but again, spoiled by the atmosphere.

Nha Trang

We left after one beer and so I can’t comment on the others.  I did notice another sign for the Beerfest beers in a bar in Biet Thu street but didn’t go in.  It was just to the right of Perfume Grass Inn at number 4. A full story from beerfest brewery will come soon from another correspondent who visited beerfest recently. More in next article.

 Mark Chambers, Nha Trang.’s guest writer from Central Highlands

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Brewery map Vietnam

There are 45 microbreweries in Vietnam,  discover them. Print out this map and start immediately.

brewery map vietnam

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Home brewing in Vietnam

There are a hopeless group of beer enthusiasts in Vietnam who doesn’t drink industrial beer or satisfy themselves with a visit in one of the 40 local microbreweries that we have in Vietnam. People who just have to make it complicated by mixing several kinds of malt and hops with other ingredients to make real hand crafted beer.

Belgian styled beer on keg


 Belgian saison on tap

Above:  Charlie, Ludo and Jonathan from Hanoi home brewers are tasting some hand crafted Belgian saison based on pilsner malt and some hand roasted malt, premiant hops (Czech) together with orange peel and hibiscus. 

Can you have a proper IPA in Vietnam?

Yes, only if you are a active member in the brewing clubs in Saigon and Hanoi. But their activity is increasing and since the demand for other beers than lager styled beers are high, its just a matter of months before we all can go somewhere and have a proper IPA or a tasty belgian styled beer on tap. This summer, happiness was spread to a bigger crowd than a few beer enthusiasts on a small roof top. Two kinds of ale was delivered on keg and served to an enthusiastic crowd at the Swedish embassy in Hanoi.

beer at swedish embassy

hanoi home brewers

Above: Charlie delivered 40 liter IPA on tap for the national day event at the Swedish embassy, 6 June this summer which was very appreciated. Goldmalt was also delivering their Czech styled black and blond beer on tap, so it was like a small beer festival this evening.

Hobby brewers Vietnam Saigon                                                                                                A group of brewers that frequently make beer together since 2008, the oldest brew club in Vietnam. Visit their webpage:

craft beer Vietnam

They have a lot of experience when it comes to both brewing and distilling. They do also many other things, above are some bottles with hand crafted whiskey. They rotate their meetings between one of the local microbreweries in Saigon and do also have the latest updates on the local beer scene. They have attended at a number of events and exhibitions in Saigon and experiment with a big variety of malt and hops. You can buy most things here in Vietnam and there are a couple of importers of malt and hops.

saigon home brewers

hand crafted beer Vietnam






Above: Fermentation barrels and hand crafted beer served from a bottle.

Hanoi Home Brewers                                                                                                                  Started up a few months ago and have hade weekly brews the whole summer.  A few years ago we had the Hanoi brewers guild active in Hanoi but since they ended their activities, there was a few years without any home brewing club in Hanoi.  Hanoi home brewers meet every week and make a new batch of beer, from Belgian styled beers, to different ales and a few experimental beers too. Watch a video clip from the latest brewing session in June:

brewers Hanoi

Beer kegs





Above: a simple machine for malt roasting and some beer kegs and glass bottles.

hanoi home brewers

Hanoi home brewers





Above: malt waiting to be used. Mashing and boiling barrel. John and Ian making a experimental beer with orange peel, chili, hibiscus and cardamom.

Forum for home brewers and beer interested people                                                 There is a forum for all beer interested people and specially for home brewers in Vietnam. Here you can come in contact with others or get the latest info about beer and local breweries in Vietnam. Web:

Is there any craft brewery i can visit today?                                                                         There are about 40 local microbreweries in Vietnam that produce 2-3 kinds of beer, but none that experiment and try to find new recipes. There are a few entrepreneurs that have plans to open a craft brewery and offer several different styles and beers, in particular some IPA which can’t be found yet. There are plans and there are brewers. Some told me that they will open after this summer, i wish them all the best in their preparations and hope their (and mine) dreams will come through.

Ale in Vietnam?

home brewers Hanoi






Cheers to all home brewers and beer lovers in Vietnam!


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A different pub crawl in Hanoi

Do a different pubcrawl in Hanoi. Instead of running round in the Old Quarter, take a taxi to this area or local bus nr 50 from Tay Ho.

beer tour Hanoi

There are today 10 Goldmalt breweries in Hanoi and this one is quite new, 8 month old, situated in a very interesting area if you want to do a pub crawl. Trung Yen is full of small bia hoi places and you can also find some Saigon special on keg, which is SABECO:s answer to Bia hoi. Bia Hoi is made by HABECO which are dominating in the north of Vietnam. Like Bia Hoi Hanoi, this beer is also made of rice mixed with regular malt, contains a minimum of hops and has a very light taste and mouthfeel. Anyhow, that can be a good start of a pub crawl in this area, within 10 min walking disatnce you have also Mai Vien Brauhaus and Truc Vien, both making Czech styled beer.

Watch a video clip of this brewery, filmed from the motorbike!

Czech beer on tap Hanoi

There are english speaking staff and service is good. The black beer has strong notes of coffee, the result of a intense roasting and has a lighter body than in Goldmalt at 34 Tran Phu. The blond beer is also a bit lighter in its body and more of a tasty lager. The strenght is good in both beers which approximately is about 5 %.

Czech beer in Hanoi

Vietnamese art

The interior design is different from other goldmalts and instead of pictures from Czech Republic and Germany they have paintings with ethnic vietnamese motives. The address is: 12b Trung Yen 3, district Cau Giay, Hanoi

The menu is Vietnamese and they have also aquariums with fish waiting to be delievered upon request. As usual, the safe cards; honey grilled ribs, morning glory and french fries is a good combination with beer.

Ribs and black beer


Start with a lighter beer first…

Start first with a short visit at Hai San Gio Bien at 21 Nguyen Khang, a few hundred meters before Goldmalt Trung Yen. Order a minikeg with 2 liter of Saigon special biahoi, light taste, light body and with a white foam. Price is about 70 000 vnd for 2 liter. Here you can see Emil from Sweden and the Beerman having a proper tasting of this mini keg.

bia hoi from saigon

Walk a few hundred meters to Goldmalt Trung Yen and have a few beers. After that walk 5 minutes to Mai Vien Brauhaus at 145 Trung Hoa where two full bodied Czech styled beers are waiting to be tasted. Watch a Video clip of Mai vien Brauhaus:

Czech beer in Hanoi

If you still are thirsty. Walk along Trung Hoa street until the big crossing and 100 m to the right to enter Truc Vien that has interpreted the Czech beer style their way. They have also one black and one blond beer on tap. Address: 40 Tran Duy Hung, district Cau Giay, Hanoi Video clip:

If you still are thirsty.. well there are 20 more breweries in Hanoi to visit.. find them all at



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First visit at the new Goldmalt in Hanoi

Goldmalt opened up brewery nr 8 in Hanoi a few months ago, the first microbrewery on the Northern side of Red River. (english/vietnamese text)

This brewery is a few months old and situated in Long Bien district. After crossing the Red River you have another 7 km to go before you can pour beer into a thirsty throat.


Chuyến thăm đầu tiên đến chi nhánh GoldMalt mới tại Hà Nội 

Hãng bia Tiệp GoldMalt đã mở thêm nhà hàng GoldMalt thứ 8 tại Hà Nội. Đây là mô hình nhà nấu bia mini đầu tiên tại Long Biên- một khu vùng nằm phía bắc Sông Hồng.

Sau khi đi qua sông Hồng, bạn cần phải đi khoảng 7km nữa mới có thể được tưới bia vào cái cổ họng khát khô của bạn


Gold malt Hanoi

Staff are helpful and does their best to make your visit pleasant. As a foreigner you are always surprised of the number of staff that a restaurant can have. This evening there was about 15 other customers and number of serving staff was seven. The food came in quickly and the beer was delivered with a smile.

As in all other Goldmalt brewpubs you can find a rare collection of posters and pictures of motives from Europe.  You will find pictures of blond women serving or drinking beer in all Goldmalt breweries, as of today we have never seen a blond vietnamese serving the beer.

Ở đây nhân viên rất nhiệt tình và luôn làm những gì tốt nhất có thể để khiến cho bạn hài lòng. Là người ngoài, bạn chắc chắn sẽ ngạc nhiên bởi số lượng nhân viên của nhà hàng. Buổi chiều hôm nay, ngoài tôi và anh bạn đi cùng thì còn có 15 thực khách khác nữa, thế mà có tới 7 nhân viên phục vụ! Thức ăn được mang đến rất nhanh , còn bia thì luôn được phục vụ kèm theo những nụ cười thân thiện của nhân viên.

Có một điều rất đặc trưng của hầu hết những nhà hàng bia GoldMalt là tất cả những bức tranh được trang trí ở đây đều mang phong cách châu Âu, bạn có thể thấy bức tranh cô gái Tây, với mái tóc vàng hoe, trên tay là những cốc bia GoldMalt đã sẵn sàn để phục vụ khách. Nhưng chúng tôi không bao giờ thấy cô phục vụ tóc vàng nào mang bia cho chúng tôi tại GoldMalt ở Việt Nam cả!

gold malt hanoi

The food is good and both noodle dishes and their tasty ribs is recommended along with a few glases of beer. The safe card is to order french fries (don’t forget to ask for mayonaise), grilled ribs, stir fried noodles with vegtables and beef, morning glory and sausages. For a few hudred thousand Dong (15-20 USD) you will have several beers and plenty of food for two people.

Đồ ăn ở đây rất ngon, chúng tôi được gợi ý món mì sào và xườn nướng, cả hai đều được mang ra cùng với những cốc bia mát lạnh. Tất cả đều rất tuyệt! Chúng tôi gọi thêm một vài món như khoai tây chiên( đừng quên nhắc họ đem Mayonaise), rau muống xào và xúc xích. Chỉ với một vài trăm nghìn 2 người chúng tôi đã có bia và rất nhiều đồ ăn ngon để thưởng thức.

Goldmalt Hanoi

The prices on food are normal but the beer costs 29 000 vnd for a glas which is cheaper than in the other Goldmalts. Right now there is also some ongoing discount on beer so if you have the plan to drink every day, you might consider move in to one of the empty apartments that are available here. The blond beer is well structured and has notes of grapefruit and some bitternes from the sass hops. You get a malty and refreshing taste. The black beer has clear notes of coffe from the dark malt and is quite a good option if you want something to pair with the grilled ribs.

Giá đồ ăn ở đây thì bình thường, còn bia thì 29.000 đồng một cốc, rẻ hơn so với một số nhà hàng GoldMalt khác. Hiện nay đang có chương trình giảm giá bia thế nên, nếu bạn có ý định uống bia mỗi ngày, bạn có thể cân nhắc việc dọn đến ở gần đây. Bia vàng thì rất ngon có chút hương vị của bưởi và chút vị đăng nhẹ của hoa bia vùng Saaz. Bạn sẽ cảm nhận được hương mạch nha, và sự tươi mát trong từng giọt bia sóng sánh. Bia đen nhìn như café, được làm từ những hạt mạch đen và chắc chắn là 1 lựa chọn đúng đắn nếu dùng chung với món sườn nướng thơm ngon.

Goldmalt sai dong

Most restaurants and pubs are closing by 10-11 pm in Hanoi, if you want refill you better go back to Hanoi, everything in this area is closed by 10 pm. That is also one of the benefits with visiting this brewery, you can have your dinner and beers in a peaceful and quiet environment. afterwards you can take a stroll in one of the small parks in the area.

If you live in Hanoi, you can come here with the taxi / bike or take local bus 11, 40 or 59 to the shopping center Big C in Long Bien and a taxi the last kilometres to Sai Dong area. You will find many half conctructed houses and empty areas here.

Hầu hết các nhà hàng và quán bia ở Hà Nội đều đóng cửa vào khoảng 10-11 giờ tối, nhưng ở vùng này thì khoảng 10 giờ tối, mọi hoạt động dường như đã kết thúc. Chính vì thế, đây có thể là một ưu điểm khi đến đây, bạn có thể thưởng thức bữa tối với thức ăn và bia ngon trong một không gian hết sức yên bình và tĩnh lặng. Sau đó, bạn có thể đi dạo ở một trong những công viên nhỏ ở đây.

Nếu bạn sống ở Hà Nội, thật dễ dàng để đến đây bằng Taxi, xe máy, hoặc bằng xe buýt (tuyến 11,40, hoặc 59 đi đến BigC Long Biên, rồi bắt tiếp taxi đến khu Sài Đồng). Bạn sẽ thấy rất nhiều những căn nhà đang trong quá trình xây dựng, và những khu đất trống mênh mông ở đây.

Goldmalt beer Hanoi

Czech beer Hanoi

Cheers to Goldmalt, despite tough times Goldmalt opens new breweries in remote areas like Sai Dong. While many businesses are struggling with the numbers it seems like goldmalt has a winning strategy to cope with the numbers and keep on delivering cheap and good beer to the masses. Tasting panel: Jonas Hjerpe, restaurant manager from Lotte Tower and Jonathan Gharbi,

Mặc dù chi nhánh GoldMalt mới này có hơi xa so với trung tâm Hà Nội, nhưng cũng xin chúc mừng GoldMalt. Trong khi những doanh nghiệp khác thì đang cạnh tranh với những đối thủ của họ, còn GoldMalt thì lại có những chiến lược để chiến thắng đối thủ của họ và mang một loại bia không những rẻ mà còn ngon đến rộng rãi với công chúng!

Người bạn đồng hành: Jonas Hjerpe – Quản lý nhà hàng Lotte Tower

Người viết: Jonathan Gharbi

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Goldmalt opens a new brewery in Hanoi / GoldMalt mở thêm một chi nhánh mới tại Hà Nội

(this article is both in English and Vietnamese)

Long Bien is on the other side of Red river and has been without a microbrewery until now. Goldmalt has opened another brewery in Hanoi and this is Goldmalt nr 8 in Hanoi.

Long Biên – Một vùng đất sầm uất nằm bên dòng sông Hồng tươi đẹp là điểm đến thứ 8 của hãng bia Tiệp GoldMalt tại Hà Nội.


Goldmalt beer

The project has been under planning almost a year and they also plan to open up an additional Goldmalt in Hanoi. Goldmalt import Czech malt and hops, they use caramel and pilsner malt and for the black beer they also have a dark german malt. The hops is a typical Czech hops (Saaz hops) that gives the beer a touch of grapefruit and modest bitterness due to its low alpha acid level. Saaz is named after the Czech city Zatec and is the most produced hops in Czech Republic. The experience from all beer tours is that the taste is different due to different brew masters and local circumstances. A proper review will be delivered after the upcoming beer tour in beginning of June.                                                    Address: Phuc Dong, Long Bien,     google maps:

Dự án này đã được ấp ủ gần một năm và hiện đang đi vào hoạt động tại Phúc Đồng-Long Biên. 

Vẫn là những hạt đại mạch và hoa bia nhập từ cộng hòa Séc nhưng họ đã tạo ra một loại bia Tiệp mang hương vị riêng biêt. Ngoài caramen và hạt đại mạch Pilsner họ còn sử dụng hạt mạch đen của Đức để tạo nên một loại bia đen tuyệt hảo.

Hoa bia Saaz là loại hoa bia điển hình của Tiệp được đặt theo tên của thành phố Zatec-nơi được mệnh danh là sản xuất nhiều hoa bia nhất của cộng hòa Séc. Nó đem lại cho bia chút vị của bưởi và vị đắng dịu vì nồng độ acid alpha rất thấp của nó.

Những trải nghiệm từ những chuyến đi phượt bia đã giúp tôi thấy được những hương vị khác nhau của bia Tiệp, một phần cũng do trình độ nấu khác nhau và điều kiện riêng của từng vùng.

Hãy chờ bài viết chính thức của tôi sau chuyến đi phượt bia vào đầu tháng 6 nhé!

More breweries in Vietnam 2014

There have been a Goldmalt close to the airport in Saigon but is nowadays closed. A new one is opening at Ven Song in Saigon. At 40 Nguyen Thi Thap. There will be possible soon to have a German styled beer in Ninh Binh soon, which will be managed by a sports pub connected to Vissai football club.

Thêm nhiều nhà nấu bia nữa ở Việt Nam năm 2014

Chúng ta có GoldMalt ở gần sân bay Tân Sơn Nhất nhưng đã đóng cửa một thời gian. Ngoài ra còn có GoldMalt Ven Sông (40 Nguyễn Thị Thập-Quận 7-TP.HCM). Sắp tới có them một nhà nấu bia Đức ở Ninh Bình-quán này có lien kết với CLB bóng đá Vissai Ninh Bình.Ngoài ra bạn cũng có thể tới Hoppy Beer ở Sài Gòn… sẽ giúp bạn cập nhật những nhà nấu bia khác.

Cho tới lúc đó hãy đến ngay bia Tiệp GoldMalt để nhận được thẻ giảm giá và hãy làm một chuyến tới GoldMalt ở Long Biên để thưởng thức bia nhé!

Home brewing on the rise in Vietnam

You have the hobby brewers in Saigon ( and a few more that makes ipa and other beers at home, soon also available in at least one pub. There are also a newly started group in Hanoi that make beer on a weekly basis, hopefully also served at a local pub. will keep you updated.

Until then: qualify your self for a discount card from Goldmalt and take a trip to the new brewery in Long Bien.

Goldmalt VIP card

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Manila’s First Craft Beer Festival – Cerveza 2014

Herre is a good story from the Philippines where Craft beer is on the rise. You can read more about our region at

Craft Beer Asia

by Anne Paye – Craft Beer Asia’s Philippine Correspondent

A festival or gala is an event ordinarily staged by a local community which centers on and celebrates some unique aspect of that community and the festival. Add beer, and you have something memorable as I reflect back to the first craft beer festival in Manila. What made Cerveza really special was the people and vendors that put their heart and soul into the event. I had the pleasure in not just meeting these fellow colleagues but bonding with new friends and discussing what makes their choice of career so special.

Cerveza 2014 Cerveza Craft Beer Festival in Manila, Philippines

I first started out the Fat Pauly’s (from Illigan) booth. Here’s a man that obviously is obsessed with craft beers showcasing an incredible variety at the event. I can remember perhaps almost a dozen choices. You know this man must breath beer and…

View original post 548 more words

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Top 10 things to do in Hanoi including brewery tours

Top 10 things to do in Hanoi including brewery tours

This top 10 list for Hanoi is written by a filippina blogger from Manila. Brewery Tours are listed as number 3 of 10 things to do in Hanoi. With 24 brewpubs, Hanoi has the highest number of breweries in south east asia.


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Two craft breweries in Nha Trang, Vietnam

There are two breweries in Nha Trang, both of them serving several kinds of beers. Louisiana was the first one to help thirsty beer drinkers to choose between four different beers. Now another is established which makes Nha Trang a very interesting city for beer lovers.

Louisiana brewhouse


This brewery has been in operation since many years and has four different beers. Situated by the beach, makes it the perfect place for a beer in the sunset. Address: Lot 29, Tran Phu, Nha Trang. Webiste:


This brewery is quite new, less than one year old and has already five different beers. About 300 000 russians are visiting Vietnam every year, many of them visits Nha Trang which nowadays is full of russian restaurants. Sometimes with russian staff. Beerfest-vn are using imported czech malts such as caramel malt, munchner malt and pilsner malt. The green beer is made with seaweed.  Many russians visit this place so don’t be surprised if you get a russian menu in your hand. This place has not been tried so the beers are still a surprise how they taste.

nha trang breweryseveral different malts

Address: 34 Trần Phú, Vĩnh Nguyên, Nha Trang web:

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