Brewery map Vietnam

Brewery and beer map Vietnam

If you want to know about all the Vietnamese lager beers read citypassguides beer test.  So here is the list with microbreweries, the list with craft breweries is on the blog and will be included in a Complete Guide to Vietnams beer scene in middle of 2018.

vietnam beer




Make your own brewery tour in Hanoi! Here are a few options for brewery tours, just print the map and follow the instructions.

Beer guide Hanoi




Hanoi brewey map

You can also watch a short video of each brewery at Beervn:s youtube channel: Here you find short video clips from at least 27 breweries.

Sometimes the map is better than using google maps, some places are hard to find because they have a wrong position according to regular maps. Use the beer map, watch the video clips and ask around.
Beer map Hanoi                                                                                                                                                              There are two places outside the map. Bia Tuoi Tiep is just 1 km from Goldmalt nr 6. Goldmalt nr 5 is quite far away, another 4-5 km in the arrows direction.

Hanoi beer map



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