Video clips

Here you can find short clips of each brewery just to get a picture how they look so its easier for you to find them.

There are so far about 30 video clips, mostly from Hanoi, one from each brewery. Clips from Saigon will be online in August 2014.

Brewery tours youtube channel:

Each clip can also be found here: (more videos are available at youtube)

Bia Tuoi Tiep

Bia Hoi Factory Hanoi

Bidega Ninh Binh

Big man beer



Gammer beer Hanoi

Goldmalt 34 Tran Phu

Goldmalt 65 Ngo Thi Nam

Goldmalt 12 bTrung Yen 3

Goldmalt 397 Truong Chinh

Goldmalt 9 Hoang Cau

Goldmalt 2 Le Duc Tho

Goldmalt 97 Nguyen huu Tho

Goldmalt 416 Xa Dan

Henniger beer Hanoi

Home brewing Hanoi

Hoa Vien Hanoi

Lac Vien Hanoi

Legend beer 4 Vu Ngoc phan

Legend beer Hoan Keim

Legend beer 222 Tran Duy Hung

Legend beer My Dinh

Mai Vien Brauhaus Hanoi

Plzen Hanoi

Phu Quoc brewery


More updates will come before end of July




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