Craft beer bars & bottle shops in Hanoi

Where to sample craft beers in Hanoi? Nowadays it’s easy to find good craft beer in Hanoi and The Bottle Shop will not let you down.

the bottle shop in Hanoi

Here are a few bars and a bottle shop with a good selection of local craft beers. Start at Standing Bar Hanoi at 170 Trần Vũ in Ba Đình which has almost 20 taps of beer as well as many craft ciders.

Ibiero Craft beer House at 101 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da Street, 4st Floor, 101 Lang Ha Building Hanoi is good as well as their other two places in Hanoi. There are about 12 beers on tap and many on bottle as well.

The Peachy craft beer pub 87 Hang Dao Street 2nd Floor Hanói. A bit tricky to find but ask for it when you reach the adress.

Even Star Craft Beer Pub. 6/21 Pham Ngoc Thach St Hanoi.

The Bottle Shop Vietnam

The Bottle Shop Vietnam is selling both craft beers as well as local rum and gin and much more. Find both local and imported craft beers here. The Bottle Shop 25B, Ngõ 12 Đạng Thai Mai. It’s close to West lake and many other hop related places. For example Turtle Lake Brewing Co and 7 Bridges Brewing Co The online shop is under construction but will soon be ready at

There is so much locally produced craft beers and craft spirits that you could spend weeks just visiting and sampling good craft beverages, no time for anything else. In 2014 there was about 50 microbreweries all over Vietnam making Czech and German styled beers. Today there is so much more. Read more in this article from Vietcetera from august 2021 about the craft beer scene.

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