Turtle Lake Brewing Co – new Brewpub in Hanoi

The new brewpub in Hanoi; Turtle Lake Brewing Company is stating the fact that the thirst for craft beer in Hanoi is as unstoppable as noodles in the night.

Craft brewery and brewpub
Turtle Lake Brewing Co in Hanoi

There was a big wave in 2016 with several new craft breweries in Vietnam and in 2017 the focus became to develop the beer scene. One of the big beer news Hanoi 2017 was the opening of this 20-tap brewpub in downtown Hanoi. With a wide and changing number of own beers together with crafts from all over Vietnam, this lakeside brewpub is the perfect spot for beer in the sunset. In February, the guest beers came from 7 Bridges (Danang) , Pasteur Street Brewing and East West Brewing Company from HCMC.

Craft beer in Tay Ho

Craft beer and burgers

Turtle Lake Brewing is founded by four people; Lamont Wynn, Mick Francis, Roshan De Vass and Keith Thibert, the later who is also running the Moose and the Roo in Hanoi. The Head Brewer Khalid Kyler is running the small scale brewery, which is visible from the table. They hope that they and other breweries together will make Hanois beer scene as good as the one in Ho Chi Minh City.  Turtle Lake Brewing does also value corporate social responsibility and will later on tell us more about their community work.   Craft brewery, Hanoi

Turtle Lake Brewing Company 

Right now the following own beers were on tap: 1. Helmet Boy Saison 5.7% ABV 11 IBU citrus and spice with orange peel, coriander and ginger. 2.  Tet Imperial Red with komquat- 8% ABV 23 IBU.  3. Ho Tay VPA ( Vietnamese Pale Ale) 5.6% ABV 22 IBU pine forward and full bodied with Amarillo, Citra and Saarz hops. 4. Hoppy Lager 4.2% ABV 14 IBU Malty and light.   5. Turtle Lake Red Ale 6.1 % ABV 10 IBU Malty with hints of dark fruits. 6. Cold Blooded Triple Rye IPA 9% ABV 51 IBU.  7. 2 & 0 Stout 5.5% ABV 21IBU. 

Craft beer by Turtle lake

More Breweries to be displayed

The coming month will also display more about Te Te Craft beer, Barett and Thomas Brewery and Homie Brewhouse. Later on in April, they will all be listed in the Complete Beer Guide to Vietnam with 20 craft breweries and more than 40 local micros. The publishing of the book Beer Guide to Vietnam by Jonathan Gharbi will be followed by a updated edition in end of 2018.



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