Book release: Beer guide to Vietnam

Full title: Beer guide to Vietnam and neighbouring countries                                             Author: Jonathan Gharbi  language: English

This is the first book about the amazing beer culture in Vietnam. The result of more than two years of travelling and beer drinking in Vietnam. The book describes every microbrewery and brew pub in Vietnam and a few other beer establishments. There is also a interview with a brewer, history behind the beer and important facts you should know if you are having a business meeting in Vietnam. Short summaries about each place are combined with pictures and interesting facts. It contains details and pictures of 51 establishments all over Vietnam.  It has also short descriptions of beer culture and breweries in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, North Korea, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Philippines and Japan.

beer guide vietnam vietnam beer

Where to buy it?                                                                                                                      You can buy the book online at or at , you also buy it as PDF for Kindle on amazon. It will be available in the middle of May at Bookworm in Hanoi and Zeds Threads on 51a To Ngoc Van street in Hanoi. You can see a example from page 69 in the book below and a few more pictures.

insidan bok

Is it easy for a foreigner to find these places?                                                                 It is often very difficult just to find the breweries and they do not market themselves towards tourists. This is the first book that have listed every brewery in Vietnam. A few other guide books mentions a few of them, for example Lonely planet has listed five breweries. Most breweries just gathers the local crowd but after reading the book you will know how to drink the local way and understand the shouting and cheering that goes on from lunch time to late night.

Legend bia Vietnam

Brewery Hanoi

Brewery Vietnam


About Beertraveller

Beer brewer, writer and traveller. In the beer business since 2012. Published beer guide to Vietnam 2014. The first craft brewer in Burkina Faso 2016. Beer guide in Morocco 2017-2020. Beer journalist since 2016 and from 2023 writer for the Swedish beer magazine Maltesen.
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