Home brewing equipment in Vietnam

Start to brew your own beer

Finally, for the first time it’s possible to buy brewing equipment in Vietnam. The shop is opened by the home brewing club in Saigon. Read more about the home brewers in a earlier post here.  Visit their online shop and buy everything from hops to brew kettles.

Earlier you had to bring hops in the hand luggage, running through the security check afraid of ending up in a Vietnamese prison accused of smuggling marijuana. Making brewery equipment was complicated and due to the language barrier, a complicated mission.







Home brewing, is it legal in Vietnam?                                                                               If visiting Vietnam you will be invited by many to try their home made rice wine which is a tradition and is mostly destilled of rice. Vietnamese call it Ruou gao and is served in every restaurant. Some is industrial made but a lot is home made. It is a accepted habit to brew rice wine at home for family and friends. So it’s not a problem until you start to compete with the local beer place.

Visit hobby brewer Saigons homepage if you want to find out more about home brewing and beer related matter. http://hobbybrewer-vietnam.de.tl/

Until then, watch a short video clip of one of the bigger microbreweries in Hanoi at beervn’s youtube channel.




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