Top 10 things to do in Mui Ne

Hoavien in Mui Ne

Picture: Entrance of Hoavien in Mui Ne. There are few must do in Mui Ne, here are the most essential for a beer lover and a connoisseur of life. Scroll down and see the full list below.

Microbreweries in Mui Ne                                                                                                             Here we have Hoavien Brauhaus, a five year old microbrewery that serves two beers on tap. This is the youngest Hoavien, the young child between its to parents, Hoavien in Saigon and Hanoi. The setting and location makes it unique, only 10 meters from the sea with a wonderful view and a huge terrace. This is the biggest Hoavien with its 5000 m2 divided on two floors.

Hoa vien Mui Ne

Mui Ne is hardly a town, more of a village with its small population and more or less only one long road through the town. Mui Ne is multi lingual and most restaurants and shops have information in Vietnamese and Russian, if you ask kindly, they might hand out a menu in English also. So also at Hoavien you will notice that 80 % of the customers are Russian and that’s the reason why you can enjoy the Russian techno during late evenings.

Hoa vien

Hoavien in Saigon and Hanoi has 95-99% Vietnamese customers and here only about 20%, but despite that more or less the same menu. Additional to the regular menu, Hoavien in Mui Ne serves a wide range of fresh seafood. Kitchen and service here is fast and good, we ordered the fried cheese and some beers and in five minutes everything was on our table.

bioling barrel









They brew almost every week so if you are lucky you can ask to look in the boiling barrels and feel the wonderful smell of hops and malt dancing together in this sauna of goodness. Hops is added during various times of the boiling process.




















The beer is brewed according to the same recipe as in the other Hoaviens and they use the same cooling systems and regulates storage temperature with proper equipment. From boiling to serving it takes about 3-4 weeks. The blond beer is brewed with pilsner malt and has the same taste as in Hanoi, a hint of bitterness and some grapefruit notes and is a full bodied lager. The black beer has notes of coffee and roasted almonds but is a bit lighter in its body compared to the black beer at Hoavien in Hanoi.   Address: nr 2 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, .

More beer in Mui Ne                                                                                                                           A handful of places are serving Fifth Oceans beer which is brewed in Saigon and also distributed to Hanoi where it is served at Vuvuzelas three bars. Here in Mui Ne it’s not strange its popular, the beer origins from Russia but has another name there…Pyatiy Okean Svetloe. The price is quite high for a lager, around 50 000 vnd for a 3o cl glass.

oceans beer

The taste is reminding about the German Henniger beer which can be found in Hanoi at a few places, it has around 4.5% and is a regular lager but with some more taste of hops than a bottled Hanoi or Saigon beer.  There is a Russian minimarket at nr 53 Nguyen Dinh Chieu that has more than 20 kinds of bottled beers, both imported and Vietnamese beers. Here you can find Red Rock lager (33 cl, 4.8%) which is brewed in Saigon, BGI (33 cl, 3.8%) and beer 999.

 Top 10 things to do in Mui Ne

1. Drink beer at Hoavien in the evening, make a proper tasting

2. Taste Fifth Oceans Beer (compare with Saigon green..)

3. Visit the red and white sand dunes

4. Try all Vietnamese bottled/canned beers

5. Do a wine tasting at the newly built wine castle (RD winery, picture below)

6. Practice some Russian, at least learn the basics

7. Revisit Hoavien but during the day, drink beer, eat fried cheese

8. Drink a radler (50% beer, 50% sprite) at the local German restaurant

9. Make a list of the beers you tried, see if you missed something

10. When you have done all MUST-DO, you can relax a few hours by the beach



  1. Ther are 40 microbreweries in Vietnam and no one knows about them!!! incredible beer culture here but people only see the light bottled lagers… i hope that more people will open their eyes through my blog about beer in Vietnam.

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