First visit at Legend beer in My dinh, Hanoi

First visit at Legend beer, restaurant nr 4, in My Dinh, Hanoi.

The Manor building

D04 – The manor – My Dinh – HaNoi

Legends have their office in the south of Vietnam, the production is quite high so this might be on the limit when it comes to the definition of microbreweries. There are one Legend beer at Big C, one just above Hoan Kiem lake and the biggest one is at nr 4 Vu Ngoch Phan. Its not so easy to find this one, but if you find The Manor, a house complex inspired from English architecture, you are close to the restaurant.

3 different beers

Taste: Three beers is really good, not all Legend beers has that. All beers has a lighter style than Mai Vien Brauhaus and Goldmalt for example. But for the first time, the special beer tasted really good, more full bodied and a bit more bitter. This beer is worth its price!

Its more or less the same menu here as in other Legend beers.  The restaurant has place for less than hundred people but is nicely decorated and fits well in the area. Its about 10 km from city center, so if you want to do some more things here, visit the Garden shopping mall, taste some korean food or visit the golf range nearby. Bigger streets, less traffic and bigger sidewalks gives the area an international touch with its english styled architecture. The visit was made in Nov 2013.

legend beer


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