Last brewery tour and beer tasting for 2013

This is a combined brewery tour and also includes tastings of imported ales from US, UK, Denmark and Sweden. We will visit Hoa Vien, Mai Vien, Goldmalt and Bia Tuoi Tiep in My Dinh. We will look at the brewery process and combine the regular tasting with bottled ales to compare with the local beers.

bottled ales2 kinds of beerWe will also try different glasses which is important for the taste and experience of a beer. The tour will take place on Wed 18 Dec with start 4 pm at Hoa Vien Brauhaus. This time we start earlier to see more of the city in daylight. Email to if interested.

Beer in Hanoi wintertime. There are 25 microbreweries in Hanoi whereof many are only known by the people in their area. The best thing or the worst thing with the winter in Hanoi is the temperature. It’s a huge difference for the brewing process if the beer are yeasing with 7 or 27 degrees. During wintertime you can taste a difference by many breweries as they have the yeasing barrels without cooling equipmen. With that perspective there are not 25 breweries with 50 beers but 25 breweries with 100 beers when you count with the winter beers. It takes 3-4 weeks for most breweries here to make a patch of beer. It has been quite cold since the end of November so hopefully we will notice some changes during the brewery tour also.


About Beertraveller

Everything about beer and microbreweries in Africa and Vietnam. From 2017 in Morocco.
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