Beer tasting with beer from Sweden, UK, USA etc




This is a journey of beer, from lighter black lagers to scottish IPA with 9.2% alcohol. This is a good tasting for ale lovers and other who want to learn more about beer.

We will also have the black and blond beer from Mai Vien Brauhaus, learn about the brewing process and different styles. There will be at least 12 different beers to taste, whereof 8 different ales, 2 American, 2 Scottish, 1 Swedish, 3 Danish and then 2 lagers on tap from Mai Vien Brauhaus and black lagers from China, Sweden and Vietnam.

Only the beer is included and each beer tasting ticket is 300 000 vnd. Mai Vien has a good menu so if you are hungry you can buy food and more beer at the place.

For more info call 01667392685 or email to

Mai viens two beers

You can find more about Mai Vien in Microbreweries in Hanoi.


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