Henniger beer and crickets at Quang op

Everything special is interesting!                                                                                        This evening we visited many breweries and also this football pub. This place differs by the beer but also by food and service. The name is Quang op and they serve Henniger beer on tap and shows a lot of football.  Owners are welcoming and if you are lucky they take a polaroid picture of you and put on their wall of fame. You get good service and can get some really unique dishes. This is not a microbrewery but they have a unusual beer which is a good option to many others.


If you try to find the place yourself you shall prepare yourself for a long search. The street numbers at Le Van Luong street is not in order. Navigate by the 20 storey high Ocean Group building just 50 m from Quang op. IMG_6229

Enjoy crickets with lemon and salt, a good combination with beer and chrunchy texture. Grasshoppers are also on the menu. Do not discriminate animals, this is worth a try.

henniger beerAs you can see on the sign, Henniger beer is German. The brewery is close to the airport and Henniger delivers to a handfull of places in Hanoi, whereof this is the only known one so far. The normal bia hoi served in Hanoi is about 3,5 % strong and costs 5000 – 10 000 vnd a glass. Hennigers beer has about 4,5 % and a more clear taste and more co2 in it. The price is only 7000 vnv. The big plus is the clean glasses which ae hard to find in many bia hoi.

henniger beer



Many football fans come here and many are dedicated supporters to one of the teams in premier league. The owners are also very football interested and members of official fan clubs.

Creative menu combined with good management and customers care makes this visit the first of many. Why choose boring bia hoi beer when you can get something more tasty, stronger and served in a regular beer glas.

Address: 71 Le Van Luong, (just beside Ocean Group)/ facebook.com/QuangOpBeer


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Beer brewer, writer and traveller. In the beer business since 2012. Published beer guide to Vietnam 2014. The first craft brewer in Burkina Faso 2016. Beer guide in Morocco 2017-2020. Beer journalist since 2016 and from 2023 writer for the Swedish beer magazine Maltesen.
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2 Responses to Henniger beer and crickets at Quang op

  1. Le says:

    The article is so amazing! Really love the photos as well!

  2. MCD says:

    One of the place for Gooners at weekend. I love this place and my friends here so much ❤

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