BNO 17th April, a surprise in Tay Ho

BNO at Ben Thuy Resto

There is two places in Tay Ho where you can get some nice beer. You can go to the ukranian restaurant on To Ngoc Van street who serves black and blond beer from Goldmalt brewery. The price is a bit higher then in the Goldmalt breweries, 65 000 vnd for a pint or this new star in Tay Ho..

We realised that there is a new ( for us) place in Hanoi that serves two kinds of beer on tap. The place does not look to impressive at a first sight but in the evening it’s really nice and the service is good.  The small resto gets their beer from the big Eresson Brewery (german inspired beer) which is situated in the outskirts of Hanoi. The brewery has three kinds of beer and Ben Thuy has two of them. The price is really good, 40 000 VND for a pint of beer.

We got a good welcoming there and must say that this is a really nice place for you who lives in Tay Ho.

The food is mostly vietnamese but you can get nice ribs and the classical russian cheese while you enjoys the cold beer and some fresh winds coming in from the nearby lake Tay Ho.

There are no homepage for this brewery, so you have to visit it to see what they offer.

This is the Eresson brewery outside Hanoi City.

add (ben thuy resto) :139 Ngo 27 Xuan Dieu, Quang An. Directions: Coming from the City, take Xuan Dieu.
At Taytap/Alfrescos turn left along the lakeside, passing Don’s.
Drive 750m, the resto is on right. It is located between SUM VILLA and the raised bridge.


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