BNO at Pragold, 21 March

Pragold brewery

If you have been to the fabric market down in Hai Ba Trung District, you are a 5 min walk from Pragold Brewery. Czech style brewery with two beers on the menu but like the most breweries, always one is missing. When youre out in Hanoi and visit a brewerie you can estimate their beer sortiment with this simple formula:

Available beer at a brewerie in Hanoi=  Nr of beer – 1
2013-03-21 20.00.27The black beer was finished but they had plenty of blond beer to the regular price. The menu was similar with Hoavien in Tang Bat Ho street but less tasty. Potatoe in many forms, fried cheese and sausages combined with vietnamese food. The service might not be the best one but staff is friendly and helpful. Be sure you speak some vietnamese.

Beer has 4-5 % like the most breweries and taste a bit like the beer you get in the goldmalt breweries.

2013-03-21 20.56.33

Pragold brewery, Address: 125B Lo Duc, Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi


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