BNO 6 feb at Hoa Vien brewery

Hoa Vien brewery has a good standard and there is no suprices with the beer. They are brewing with high standard and using the measurements properly. For example Goldmalt (in Van Phuc) beer can sometimes taste diferently becuase they brew in smaller amounts and does not fully follow the recipies.

Hoa vien is probably the most popular place for us to visit. They have three kinds of brewed beer, good service and the place really feels as a european pub. This evening we ordered their good tasting ribs and drank both the black beer and their special lager. If you are there, the staff is happy to show you how they brew the beer.

adress: Hoa Vien brewery, nr 1 Tang Bat ho,

Special brew at ETE. Later on some of us went to ETE between the two roads Kim ma and Doi can. There they had a special made beer on bottle. Such an great initiative, more of this in Hanoi!


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