Beers in Nha trang (holiday report)

Ale in Nha Trang!

Was recently in Nha Tranh in southern Vietnam to enjoy sun and maybe some good beer. Was reading at internet and found the popular restaurant and brewery Louisiana. I read that they even had an Ale!! I did not find any other brewery or pub that had something special. Louisiana brewery has good food and nice service, lying close to the water and close to the tourist area in Nha Trang. l1I tried all their four beers. The black beer tasted like the black beer you find in goldmalt in Hanoi, the two lagers was ok but nothing special, no extra hop or strong taste of malt, quite the same what you get everywhere. The ale, which i was so enthusiastic to read about was disappointing because it was just a little bit of more taste in it, slightly difference from the lager. The ale had a tiny finish of roasted malt and a touch of extra hops but far away from a real ale. Of course we have to give cred that anyone in this country serve something special and new. Traditionally the sweet belgian beer is popular while bitter beers is hard to sell. So we have to understand that the demand for ale/porter/ipa/stout  in Vietnam is low and we will probably have to wait many years until we can find these beers in shops and pubs.

Lousiana Brewhouse Webiste:

Add: Lot 29, Tran Phu, Nha Trang – Vietnaml2

Russian Invasion

There are direct flights from Russia to Nha Trang, there are also an invasion of russian lager beers in most of the shops. Some of them you can find in Hanoi in some of the expat shops.  If you like lager, give them a try. Otherwise you have all the lagers from SABECO to enjoy,  which is the leading beer company in Vietnam and dominating in the south with brands such as Saigon special and 333.


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