Beer & burgers at Tracy’s 30 jan 2013

The plan was to drink the russian beer at Jen’s & Friends at 44 xuan dieu in Tay Ho, but it was closed so we ended up in the bar beside. The thing with Jen’s is that they have russian draught beer. The special thing with that is simply that it is russian beer on tap. The supply in Hanoi is small so even a light (little to light) lager with a different touch is a nice.  Still in the year of 2013, there is no IPA, Stout ore hoppy beer in Hanoi.

Well, at Tracys ( 40 xuan dieu, Tay Ho ) the good price on tiger beer on tap and nice burgers convinced us not to go further for a while. After a couple of beers we went down the road another 15o m to a place with view over west lake and sat there for a short while before we all went home.

Deep discussions over postmodern economy and linguistic challenges was as intense as the traffic in Hanoi. In the end someone described one of the strange and verge of perverted characters in the movie pulp fiction, shortly after that the BNO was over….


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