Massive BNO 5 dec, last one 2012

BNO at Goldmalt. A very special evening in many ways. Both because of the unusual concentration of swedish house husbands, number of BNO guys and also because of an early christmas present. Beer vouchers for Goldmalt from a kind BNO enthusiast made the night even better.

Photo 0022

Be prepared for a surprise, the beer tastes almost always different, the brewing amount is 300-1000 liters and concentration of malt and hops is changing with the local weather.  There are many Goldmalts in Hanoi and all have their own brewing equipment.  At this time and place, the black beer had a sweeter taste than usual but the lager had a really nice taste. Food and staff was ok and all the screaming guests that use to fill the floor with left overs and chicken wings had decided to stay home this day. Still the best tasting lager beer in Hanoi 2012 was at Goldmalt in Van Phuc.


BNO Hanoi look forward to find more places with good beer and service in 2013. The potential in Hanoi is huge for other beer than Bia Hoi and boring beer on can. We hope that more people understand that there should be more malt and hops instead of water. We also hope to sit on fewer plastic chairs and more in places that looks like a place where you drink beer.


BNO gruop is changing and we hope to see more enthusiasts show up every wednesday. This year, Berny was the most notorius participant this year, cheers to that!

                     See you all in 2013!
Goldmalt: 34G Tran Phu, Ba Đình, Hanoi

Directions: Just across the train tracks as you leave the Old Quarter on Tran Phu.

Description: A Czech style beer hall that makes its own brew.


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