Gammer beer 28 nov

Gammer beer is one of many places you never visit because the lack of marketing and the odd location. Maybe you went there before and saw all the rats, drank your beer and went. Senior BNO guy told us that.

Gammer beer is inspired by Czeck beer, they have three kinds whereof one black beer. The pub has nice dark wooden furniture on both floors, with place for about 300 people. As in many other Hanoi pubs, there were more staff than customers even if they had some live music, a vietnamese singer with a small band. After a short listening we decided to leave the second floor and drink our beer as far as possible from the “music”. Food was not good but it was a good opportunity for us to practice some vietnamese because no staff spoke english. Friendly and enthusiastic staff could not really compensate for the food and all missunderstandings during this evening. Two of the beer was ok but price was high.bild(2)

We had a nice evening and the most popular beer was the black one. One of the two lighter ones was ok and one of them too watery. Rats? Yes but we saw only one rat running around behind the bar while amused staff followed the rats attempt to climb up on a chair. We were totally surprised to see that the whole pub was decorated with christmas stuff all over the place.

Address: 198 Tran Quong Khai Street, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Directions: Just to the east of Hoan Kiem Lake, barely out of the Old Quarter, and yet rarely found.

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Everything about beer and microbreweries in Africa and Vietnam. From 2017 in Morocco.
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