BNO 7 Nov at Goldmalt Brewery Van Phuc

The Goldmalt Brewery in Van Phuc is lying in a quiet area, it’s difficult to find and is placed in a dead end of a small road. It’s really a brewery, you could see the tanks and all beer brewing equipment before entering the restaurant.  It has been open for two months now but already it seems that business is struggling.  It has three floors and we sat by the first floor to avoid a group on second floor screaming the national mantra “ mot –hai  – ba” (on repeat) while they were eating but mostly drinking. There is always place to sit but but one sad thing is that you cannot sit outside.

50% discount on all beers this and next week!

Great offer for us, we were few guys at this remote place, but to our great surprise they also had the “Special” beer which often is out when you go to the other Goldmalt restaurants. There is of course a reason for that. The special beer is the best one(probably one of the top 3 best beer on tap in Hanoi), really malty and little bit stronger than the other two, pilsner 12 and the black one.  Regular price for ½ liter beer is 42 000 VND. Goldmalt has been in Vietnam since 2002 and origins from Czech Republic, where approximately 80 000 Vietnamese live. One of the staff could speak little bit English but most didn’t, some misunderstanding combined with bad swedish language resulted in wrong beer to the table. The food was ok, the Czech sausage was spicy and matched the “special” beer.

After eating and drinking, we took a walk to Eté Resto Café and took the last beer there to finish the evening. The special beer is really nice to drink but this Goldmalt is too much of a regular restaurant than a pub, it’s also hard to get there. Next BNO will be at a more “easy acces” place. For more info about Goldmalt please read on their vietnamese homepage  .



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