Brewery tour in Hanoi

This brewery tour took place 18 Feb 2014 and included five microbreweries, one German and four Czech styled breweries.  

We started with a black and a blond beer at Golmalt 65 Ngo Thi Nam. This is a Goldmalt with many regulars and the brewing equipment is visible directly when you enter this two storey brewpub.

Goldmalt special beer

One important detail for the beer enthusiast is that you can get the special beer which is a beer that is fermented inside the bottle and therefore also a bit cloudy (from the yeast and some malt) but also more tasty than a regular lager.

Goldmalt b65 Ngo Thi Nam

After this Goldmalt the tour intended to head for Pho beer but because of a driver that failed in geography we were driven to a totally different destination. It’s not the first time, but luckily there are breweries almost everywhere in Hanoi so we made a short beer stop at Goldmalt 34 Tran Phu a.k.a. Mother Goldmalt, the first of 7 Goldmalts in Hanoi. You are greeted by the boiling barrels when you enter this Goldmalt. This brepub is almost 10 years old and the brewery is situated beneath the first floor.


First visit at Pho beer. After some beers here we made the long ride to Pho beer. This was the first time the brewery tour made a stop here and a few other that worked in the neighbourhood came to join us for a few beers.

Pho beer Hanoi

How about the beer? Well if you pay 17 000 VND for a glass of draft beer you can’t expect much but at this place you get a lot of beer for that money. This is still a beer brewed with Czech malt and hops, but slightly lighter than the more full bodied older cousin at one of the Goldmalts.

brewery tour Hanoi

The feeling of beeing outside but sitting inside gives this place an interesting twist together with some other funny facts. After a big amount of beer you can also enter the very expensive equipped night club that is situated in the cellar. A huge place for hundreds of guests and said to be in action almost every night. Service and menu here is like every where else in Hanoi and its quite far away but you wont get any better beer for that price. Address: 319 Tay Son. This place is also very close to Goldmalt at 398 Truong Chinh.

First visit at Legend beer at The Manor,My Dinh                                                             Legend beer has 4 places in Hanoi whereof this is the youngest and also differ in style from the other three.  The style is German. My Dinh is full of korean shops and most customers are also koreans. My Dinh is really different from other parts of Hanoi and the area gives you a feeling of almost being somewhere in Europe.  This Legend beer has two beers on tap.

Legend beer, My Dinh

The black beer had some more taste and structure than the blond lager. Service here is fast and really good and staff are used to foreigners and speaks english. Food here is good and you also little more for it than in other breweries. Many come here to eat seafood, you can see the aquariums by the entrance, full of fish waiting to be served on your plate.Legend beer My Dinh

The manager here is a nice guy and you can find him sipping on beer by the bar desk almost every evening. You get better service here than in the other Legend beers. After this place we went back towards the city to drop of all beer enthusiasts from tonights tour. The time was almost 11 pm when we left which means that almost every brewery in Hanoi was closed. Watch a youtube clip from the visit here:

A saviour of the night?                                                                                                                 Maivien Brauhaus kept 2 staff for us to this late hour and we made a important stop here and got beer served directly from the storage barrels. Both blond and black beer is served here, also a special lager which has more hops and malt inside. But all comments this night was about the black one, it’s said before many times,  but the black beer here is really full bodied and tasty. As a thank for our appreciation for the beer, the manager handed out discount cards to all of us. Mai Vien Hanoi

Thirst for a black beer? Even the fish at Maivien brauhaus seems to like it..

Here is the actual map of the tour we took and if you want to find out more about all breweries in Hanoi, read here:

You can also find video clips from each place at’s youtube chanel: tour Hanoi


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  1. […] When doing his research on what to do in Hanoi, Hubby stumbled upon, a blog published by Jonathan Garbi. Jonathan is a  Swedish expat currently living in Hanoi with his wife.  He conducts beer tours and introduces visitors to the wonderful world of micro breweries in and around the city.  I will write about our beer-venture in another post. For now, suffice it to say that this was one of the fun-nest things Hubby and I did  in Hanoi.  If you happen to be in Hanoi or are planning your trip, check out Jonathan’s beer tour schedule on […]

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