First visit at Lacvieen brewery, 3 beers on tap

Lacvieen brewery, great beer is found

This is one of the few breweries that still has three beers on tap. The style is Czech and you can see some old flags decorating the roof. Before the financial crisis many breweries were crowded and many had three beers on tap. Today most of them have only two and sometimes just one. Lacvieen has place for about 300 people and is decorated with lamps looking like big beer glasses, combined with small lights and dark furniture in a big open indoor space.


The food was good and service fast, despite no English speaking staff among the crew of about 20 staff, service is good unless you have very specific requests. Food prices here are higher than usual and most main courses are over 200 000 VND. Beer prices are a bit higher than usual, 34-44 000 VND for a 300 ml beer. The names of the beers are Gold, Golden and Stout whereof Golden was really good but also the one with highest price, 44 000 VND for 300 ml.


The taste. The Stout had a black colour with a proper lacvieenfoam crown, which was good with all three beers. The stout had tones of burnt caramel and was a bit dry in its taste. Not so strong but some where around 4.5 – 5%. But if you like to have a stout in Hanoi, this is the closest you get.

The Gold beer was a lighter beer, probably 4 – 4.5% and had touch of butter in it, more tasty than a lager and suitable if you sit outside a hot day. The golden beer was sharp and fresh, had a light taste of citrus, little bitterness and a good finish. The golden beer is reminding you of an IPA home in europe, its really a good beer. The other two are ok, but the golden is impressive. Address: Nr 2, Lang Ha, Hanoi


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