BNO 27 Feb at Legends Beer

German brewery with special brew

A couple of us turned up at Legends brewery at Vu Ngoc Phan. Legend beer has a handfull of pubs/breweries in Hanoi. Some of them gets the beer from the main brewery in Saigon (like the one close to Hoan Kiem Lake) but this one has its on brew. Legend has a black one and one special lager brewed in same place. Sometimes they could have a third one but like the most breweries, is always a beer missing. The only place that always has three diferent kinds of draught beer is Hoavien brewery. You can see all the tanks and brewing equipment in the resto which is unusual and gives the place some charm. Food and service  was ok. After Hoavien, this is a good option together with Goldmalt.

Legends German Brew house, Address: 4 Vu Ngoc Phan (Hanoi). New Hanoian review:—house-hanoi

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